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About the company and the project 

LLC "Progressovka-Alpha", LLC "Progressovka-Beta" and LLC "Progressovka-Gamma", are Ukrainian companies that were founded in 2017 and registered at Mykolaiv region.
The owner of the company is the Norwegian company Scatec Solar, a company operating in many countries around the world and having its headquarters in Oslo.
The company designs, builds and manages renewable energy projects in different countries like South Africa, Egypt, Czech Republic, Republic of Brazil, Malaysia, Argentina, Honduras, Mozambique, Jordan, and from 2017 in Ukraine.
At present, in Ukraine Scatec Solar has several solar projects under operation and construction.
In the territory of the Nikolaev area Scatec Solar currently has several projects under construction, including the Progressovka project which located in the Berezanka district and occupied an area of almost 200 ha. The territory owned by the community of Progressovka. The site for the construction of the SES is located outside the settlement.
Scatec’s mission is to be a reliable supplier of clean and environmentally friendly energy. Electricity is vital for the economic development of mankind.
Our greatest desire is to enable as many people as possible to use affordable, clean and environmentally friendly energy. We are successfully pursuing this desire on four continents already.
Our motto is Improving our future, we work to improve our future.
For us, people and community - above all!!!

Progressovka-Alpha LLC, Progressovka-Beta LLC and Progressovka-Gamma LLC are officially registered in the community where we design and build the SES, with the aim of keeping a larger share of taxes and fees in the local budget.
Our company has developed and implemented a program of social partnership and development in 3 areas:
Education, Medicine, Infrastructure and Leadership.
Education - to enable each member of the community to have access to the most up-to-date and up-to-date knowledge in the area where it is most relevant and in demand.
Medicine - to help the community be able to use modern evidence-based medical practice.
Infrastructure and Leadership - Unite the community in making important decisions for the community.

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address : Berezansky district, SMT Berezanka, vul. Central,
                     Building 35, Office 1 
email       : Nelia Yershova ,
tel              : +380675592574, +380507731151, ms.Nelya Yershova 

Please also contact us using the social network.